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1st Math

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How Long Is Rapunzel's Hair?

Rapunzel is famous for her never-ending hair! Your child can practice basic measurements with a ruler by measuring how far down the tower her hair goes.

Ice Cream Measuring Activity

Partake in this ice cream measuring activity by finding the height of each ice cream cone. Simply count the number of scoops per cone to find the answers!

Measure Up!

From reading a ruler to estimating weight, this worksheet is packed with measurement exercises to help first graders review.

Measure a Fish: Centimeters & Inches

Challenge your first grader to estimate each fish's length before he measures.

Measure a Sneaker: Centimeters

Practice measuring centimeters with your first grader as you find the length of each shoe.

Estimating Weight

Help your child practice his skills in estimation with this printable worksheet, which asks him to guess the weight of different objects.

Measuring School Supplies: Centimeters

Introduce your first grader to centimeters by helping her measure some familiar things: school supplies!

Measure and Compare!

Review some of the measurement concepts you've learned with this worksheet that will keep you measuring and help you build your comparison skills.

How Much is One Liter?

Practice measuring concepts and work on building your comparison skills with this fun worksheet that's all about liters!

Measurement Practice: Centimeters

Get some sensational measurement practice with this centimeter worksheet.

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