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Capitalization Practice: Space Age

Bust out the red pen and encourage your first grader to fix the capitalization issues, and then re-write the space-themed passage.

Consonant Blends

This fun spring worksheet is a great way to practice sounding out consonant blends and celebrate Spring at the same time!

Compound Words: One Word from Two

This worksheet will teach your child how to scrunch two words together to get one compound word.

Words That Begin with "Y"

Your little reader will enjoy learning words that begin with "Y" using sight words. He'll build his vocabulary as he matches pictures to words.

Long Vowel Practice

Time for some long vowel practice! Go over all the vowels from A to U, and decide which words have the matching vowel sound and circle them!

L Blend Words

Learn some l blend words in this handy worksheet that gives kids the rundown.

Long Vowel "U"

Can you tell which words have a long "U" sound? Here's a helpful clue: the long "U" vowels make the sound of the letter "U"!

Long "U" Vowel Sound

Sort out your vowel sounds with this fun worksheet. First say the name of each picture out loud. Can you tell which words make the long "U" sound?

Vowel Sounds Scramble

Get to know some of the vowel blends that say "ooh" with this vowel sounds word scramble! Use the pictures to help you unscramble each word.

Long "O" Vowel Sound

The long "O" vowel sound makes the same sound as the letter "O"! Help your little reader sort out his vowel sounds with this fun worksheet.

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