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K Math

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Coin Recognition

Young children sometimes find it difficult to distinguish between coins. Practice coin recognition to set your child up to grasp the concept of coin value.

Learn to Count

Help your child "bee" successful at counting with this cute counting practice worksheet.

Counting Practice Worksheet

Throw counting practive into reverse with this counting-backwards worksheet.

Practice Counting Numbers

Join counting and primary colors with this worksheet on counting numbers up to 30.

Pirate Math

Ahoy! Pirate Billy needs help counting his treasures. Help your kid practice adding single-digit numbers and writing the sums on this treasure-themed worksheet.

How Many Puppies

This charming worksheet will challenge your kindergartener to count and tally groups of cute puppies. This helps with number recognition and writing practice.

Subtraction with Shapes

Practicing subtraction is simple. All you have to do is count the total number of shapes in each box then take away the darker shapes.

Construction Zone Subtraction 2

Get in the math zone! Kids practice crossing off items to visualize the concept of subtraction.

Construction Zone Subtraction 1

Nail down subtraction to a tee with some construction zone math! Use each picture to help you subtract.

Construction Zone Subtraction 4

Little math workers, get your subtraction tools ready! These picture problems will help kids visualize the equation.

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