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K Math

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Adding with Pictures

Is your little counter ready for the next step? Introduce her to addition with this picture math worksheet.

Building Zone Addition

It's math time at the construction zone! Count up the items in each picture equation to find the sum.

Construction Zone Subtraction 6

How many tools do you see on this construction site? Give your child a fun intro to subtraction with some picture math.

Construction Zone Addition

This picture addition worksheet is great for helping kids learn the basics of arithmetic.

Counting Numbers: 5-10

Give your child practice with counting numbers, This printable kindergarten worksheet focuses on the numbers 5 through 10.

Length and Width: Measure School Supplies

Introduce measuring to your kindergartener with this simple and easy worksheet. Use the paper inch ruler to measure the length of each school supply.

Length and Width: Measure Vehicles

Your little guy will surely enjoy cutting out the inch ruler and measuring the length of each colorful vehicle!

Alien Measuring Activity

These alien buddies are all different heights, can you tell which is tallest? Help your child learn about height with this measurement sheet.

Compare Size

Practice comparing sizes by drawing the missing object in each box according to the size listed in the directions, either small, medium, or large.

Writing Numbers 1-10

Repetition, repetition, repetition! Help your kindergartener learn to write the names of the first ten numbers with this brightly colored worksheet.

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