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Practice with Sizes

Gain practice working with sizes in this fun and easy exercise! Draw the missing object in the size indicated in the directions√Ęsmall, medium, or large.

Help the Grocer Count the Fruit: 10 to 15

Help your child practice counting objects with this printable worksheet, which focuses on the numbers 10 through 15.

Count the Pizzas

This is one tasty math worksheet! Figure out which group is more than, less than, or equal to the group of pizzas. Take a bite out this yummy challenge!

Count the Candies

There's a math party going on in this brightly colored worksheet! Just count and compare the lollipops, candles and more to join the clever festivities.

Count the Bow Ties

Compare fun clothing items like bow ties and blue jeans to figure out which group is less than, more than or equal to the first group. Do you dare to compare?

Greater Than/Equal To

With this colorful worksheet your early math learner will count objects and compare two groups. For advanced practice, he can fill in the blank with symbols.

Greater Than and Less Than

Count colorful pictures out loud and compare groups of items to begin learning about greater than and less than. This worksheet deals with groups of 4 to 7.

Flower Counting

This is a simple and colorful math worksheet that is perfect for a kindergarten age child. She'll look at the numbers then count and circle the pretty flowers.

Count How Many Coins There Are

Coin recognition and counting are important skills in kindergarten. Your kid will count and circle dimes, quarters, pennies and nickels with this fun worksheet.

Count and Match Fruit

On this worksheet, kids count up each type of fruit then draw a line to connect them to the fruit basket with the right number.

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