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K Math

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Adding Up To 20

Adding numbers within 20 is as easy as counting balloons with this colorful and simple worksheet.

Fruit Addition

How many strawberries are there in all? "In all" means all together! Help your child learn the basic idea behind addition with this fun math worksheet.

Counting Objects Worksheet

If you have four balloons, and add one more, how many are there? Help your child learn the basic idea behind addition with this fun counting objects worksheet.

Racecar Rally

Start your engines! This racecar rally will help your little speedster practice identifying differences between very similar items.

Very Nutty!

You kids will get an intro to basic addition with this worksheet, which challenges them to count and add acorns, walnuts, and almonds!

Clock Practice

Give your child practice telling time with this printable worksheet, in which she'll draw the hour and minute hands on a clock face.

Construction Zone Subtraction 10

These picture problems are perfect for helping visual learners nail down subtraction to a tee.

Counting for Kids #3

Bugs are everywhere! How many bugs are visiting your garden? Practice counting the different kinds of insects.

Beach Addition

It's a beach themed addition party, and your kindergartener is invited! She'll practice single digit addition with fun and familiar beach items.

Construction Zone Subtraction 5

Count up the items on the construction zone! Learn how to subtract by crossing off the right number of items.

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