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Pre-K Social Studies

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Learn About Transportation

This worksheet challenges kindergarteners to match each person with his method of transportation.

What is a Service Job?

What is a service job? This worksheet helps your preschooler think critically about the different jobs people have and what they do in those jobs.

Wants vs. Needs

Kids may think they need candy and video games, but parents know better. Help your child learn the difference between a want and a need with this worksheet.

Map Fun 1

Give your preschooler an introduction to maps with basic scenarios like walking to school or mailing a letter.

Haunted House Map

Follow directions to find a key and escape a spooky haunted house.

Follow the Exit Route

Schools and other buildings have exit routes for emergencies. Your preschooler will read the instructions and draw the exit route on the diagrams.

First, Next, Last 1

Test your preschooler's knowledge of common activities going on in the world, labeling the steps that come first, next and last.

First, Next, Last 2

In preschool, your little one should be learning what we call "common knowledge." In this worksheet, she'll label each picture as first, next or last.

Map Fun 3

Does your preschooler love maps? No, not apps...maps! They're kind of important, so start your little one off with some fun worksheets to introduce her to them.

Map Fun 4

If you were a house cat, this would be a map of the world, but it's really just a map of a house. Read the instructions to your child and watch him map a route.

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