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Summer Olympics Worksheets

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Basketball Coloring Pages for Kids!

This coloring page features a basketball star on his way to dunking the ball into the net.

Tennis Coloring Page

This tennis coloring page features a tennis player powerfully hitting the ball with his racket. Add color to help bring the picture to life!

Tennis Coloring

Serve up an ace with this tennis coloring page! You and your kids can brush up on your knowledge of tennis terms as you color.

Bow and Arrow Coloring Page

Your future archer can add color to this bow and arrow coloring page! If your aim is to get her to settle down for a little while, point him in this direction.

Color this Badminton Player

This badminton player looks like he's getting ready to serve the birdie! If your youngster is sports-minded, he'll love this coloring page.

Fencing Coloring Page

As your child decorates this coloring page, they'll imagine the outcome of this fencing match.

High Diver Coloring Page

Get out some crayons or colored pencils and decorate this diver coloring page.

Soccer Game Coloring Page

This kindergarten coloring page features an exciting moment as a soccer goalie attempts a diving save. Can he save the game?

Color a Cyclist

Cycling is a great form of exercise! Decorate this coloring page while thinking of all the fun ways you like to stay healthy.

Color the Swimmer

This swimming coloring page features a swimmer kicking her way to the other side of the pool. Color her in and help her realize her dream of winning this race!

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