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Summer Olympics Worksheets

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Olympic Torch

The torch is one of the hallmark symbols of the Olympic games. But what exactly does it stand for? Get a lesson in symbolism with this Olympics worksheet.

Olympic Fashion

Clothes have changed over the decades, and it's the same for Olympic fashion. Your child can construct his own flipbook of Olympic athletes over the years.

Gymnastics Coloring Page

The balance beam is a tough event, but this gymnast looks confident, performing with style and grace. Have your kid color her in to bring the scene to life.

Big Ben Coloring Page

Learn about historical landmarks with this Big Ben coloring page, the nickname for the bell found in one of the clock towers in Westminster Palace in London.

Summer Olympics Coloring Page

Have your kid shoot for the stars like the athletes in the Olympic Games. Your kid can imagine becoming one of the athletes while decorating this coloring page.

Olympic Probability: Archery

Take a shot at probability with Olympic archery. Calculate the probability of an arrow hitting a certain color or a particular number of points.

Measurement Mania #2: Track and Field

In no time at all, your third grader will be a pro at changing units of measurement--like converting between meters, kilometers, and centimeters.

Olympic Addition #1

Can you compete in the Olympics? Sure you can! Add your way down the lanes to find out who wins this math race.

Olympic Addition #2

Take a splash in the pool and add for the gold! Your little Olympian can practice adding multiple double-digit numbers as she swims for first place.

Olympic Addition #3

Did you know there is math in the Olympics? Swim your way to the gold by adding multiple sets of double-digit numbers.

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