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Summer Olympics Worksheets

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Olympic Medal Tracker

Got an Olympic enthusiast on your hands? This handy chart is a great way to keep track of all the winners of the 2012 Summer Olympics!

New Species: Darwin's Spider

Whoa, this spider is quite the spinster! He is actually one of many brand new species discovered between 2009 and 2011.

Olympic Motto

We all love the Olympics, but who knew there was a motto for it? Learn about "Citius-Altius-Fortius" with this printable about Olympic symbols.

Olympic Timeline

Check out a fun and simple Olympic timeline which highlights some of the most memorable moments throughout history.

Equestrian Coloring Page

Emerging equestrians will love this cute coloring sheet of a sunny day at the stables.

Basketball Color By Number

Basketball's a popular sport year-round, so no matter the weather, pull out this color by number to appease your sports fan.

Color the Tennis Racquets

This tennis coloring page features two racquets, a ball, and a net.

Basketball Coloring Page

This basketball coloring page features a basketball player attempting to make a basket. Add color to help bring this exciting scene to life!

Color the Jockey and the Horse

This sweet coloring page features a young jockey spending some quality time with his horse.

Horseback Riding Coloring Page

This fun coloring page features two riders competing in an equestrian competition.

Basketball Coloring Pages for Kids!

This coloring page features a basketball star on his way to dunking the ball into the net.

Tennis Coloring Page

This tennis coloring page features a tennis player powerfully hitting the ball with his racket. Add color to help bring the picture to life!

Tennis Coloring

Serve up an ace with this tennis coloring page! You and your kids can brush up on your knowledge of tennis terms as you color.

Bow and Arrow Coloring Page

Your future archer can add color to this bow and arrow coloring page! If your aim is to get her to settle down for a little while, point him in this direction.

Color this Badminton Player

This badminton player looks like he's getting ready to serve the birdie! If your youngster is sports-minded, he'll love this coloring page.

Fencing Coloring Page

As your child decorates this coloring page, they'll imagine the outcome of this fencing match.

High Diver Coloring Page

Get out some crayons or colored pencils and decorate this diver coloring page.

Soccer Game Coloring Page

This kindergarten coloring page features an exciting moment as a soccer goalie attempts a diving save. Can he save the game?

Color a Cyclist

Cycling is a great form of exercise! Decorate this coloring page while thinking of all the fun ways you like to stay healthy.

Color the Swimmer

This swimming coloring page features a swimmer kicking her way to the other side of the pool. Color her in and help her realize her dream of winning this race!

Runner Coloring Page

Encourage your child to keep fit and make being healthy fun with this coloring page of a pack of competitive runners.

Track Coloring Page

Help your child learn about the sport of running and all the good qualities runners must have with this coloring sheet.

Track and Field Coloring Page

This track and field coloring page pictures a hurdler mid-jump. Use this track and field coloring page with your little runner, jumper, or shot putter.

Color the Gymnasts

This winning coloring page features two female gymnasts in full form, one on the bars and one performing a floor routine.

Wrestling Coloring Page

Grapple with this wrestling coloring page that depicts one of the most popular sports in the world!

Printable Olympic Medals

Go for the gold with this fun coloring project. Your little Olympian can decorate these medals and host his very own awards ceremony!

Long Jump Coloring Page

Future track stars can get pumped up for the Olympics with this long jump coloring page. The long jump is an Olympic sport that requires strength and agility.

Swimmer Coloring Page

Has your kid taken to sports like a fish to water? Hand her this swimmer coloring page, featuring an Olympic swimmer in the middle of an intense race.

BMX Coloring Page

Get your child revved up for the summer Olympics with this BMX coloring page!

Javelin Coloring Page

Future sports stars will love coloring this javelin champion in honor of the Summer Olympic Games!

Rhythmic Gymnastics Coloring Page

Rhythmic gymnastics is a popular sport to watch at the Olympics. Maybe one day your child will make it there!

Pole Vault Color By Number

Got an antsy kid stuck indoors this summer? Color and work on counting at the same time with this Olympics-themed color by number of a pole vaulter.

Archery Coloring Page

Archery is one of the most exciting sports in the Olympic games! Learn more about this and other sports in the summer Olympics with this coloring page.

Track Cycling Coloring Page

Learn more about the exciting sport of indoor track cycling as you color this Olympic coloring page.

Olympics Coloring Page: Football

Get a leg up on everyone's favorite! Introduce your child to one of the featured competitions in the Olympic games with this coloring page.

Olympic Runner Coloring Page

As your child gears up for the Summer Olympics, this coloring page of a runner after a race will get him pumped for his favorite sport.

Olympic Gymnast Coloring Page

Got a kid in gymnastics? Inspire him with this coloring page of a gymnast, just in time for the summer Olympics.

Olympic Coloring Page: Runner

This long-distance runner is out of breath, but it looks like he finished first! Get excited for the Summer Olympics with an Olympic athlete coloring page.

2012 Olympic Medals

Hosting a backyard Olympics this summer? Be prepared with homemade gold, silver and bronze medals for your champions!

Olympic Rings

Get together with your little Olympian to learn a bit about the symbolism behind the games! He'll even get to cut out his own Olympic rings.

Olympic Torch

The torch is one of the hallmark symbols of the Olympic games. But what exactly does it stand for? Get a lesson in symbolism with this Olympics worksheet.

Olympic Fashion

Clothes have changed over the decades, and it's the same for Olympic fashion. Your child can construct his own flipbook of Olympic athletes over the years.

Gymnastics Coloring Page

The balance beam is a tough event, but this gymnast looks confident, performing with style and grace. Have your kid color her in to bring the scene to life.

Big Ben Coloring Page

Learn about historical landmarks with this Big Ben coloring page, the nickname for the bell found in one of the clock towers in Westminster Palace in London.

Summer Olympics Coloring Page

Have your kid shoot for the stars like the athletes in the Olympic Games. Your kid can imagine becoming one of the athletes while decorating this coloring page.

Olympic Probability: Archery

Take a shot at probability with Olympic archery. Calculate the probability of an arrow hitting a certain color or a particular number of points.

Measurement Mania #2: Track and Field

In no time at all, your third grader will be a pro at changing units of measurement--like converting between meters, kilometers, and centimeters.

Olympic Addition #1

Can you compete in the Olympics? Sure you can! Add your way down the lanes to find out who wins this math race.

Olympic Addition #2

Take a splash in the pool and add for the gold! Your little Olympian can practice adding multiple double-digit numbers as she swims for first place.

Olympic Addition #3

Did you know there is math in the Olympics? Swim your way to the gold by adding multiple sets of double-digit numbers.

Olympic Addition #4

Take a dive into math practice! Your first grader can take addition to a new level by adding up multiple two-digit numbers.

Olympic Addition #5

Win the gold medal for math! Aspiring Olympians can "swim" to the other end of the pool by adding up multiple numbers.

Olympic Math: Diving

Dive into math! Five countries are competing in diving in the Olympics, and they have been scored on four dives. Find the mode, median and mean of their scores.

Olympic Math: High Jump

Jump over the hurdles of math by learning mode, median and mean. Use knowledge of data analysis to put each country's scores in a graph and award the winners!

Olympic Math: Gymnastics

Flip your way to finding the mean, median and mode of these Olympic scores! Practice basic data analysis, and then put the information in a bar graph.

Archery Math

Learn the score system of archery through this fun archery math worksheet involving color, identification, and counting!

Basketball Multiplication

Run circles around math practice with a fun multiplication sheet! Your math whiz can work on her times tables, basketball style.

Comparative and Superlative Adjectives

Better or best? Go for the gold in this Olympic adjectives worksheet. Your child will practice using comparative and superlative adjectives.

Build a Hurdling Sentence

This hurdler is running away from run-on sentences! Build reading and writing skills with this beginner's writing worksheet.

Soccer Synonyms #2

Run, race, jog and sprint to the goal! Your sporty student can learn how to identify words with similar meanings by completing this synonyms sheet.

Basketball Word Scramble

Challenge your third grader to unscramble all ten of these basketball words. He won't even realize that he's practicing his spelling and logic skills!

Basketball Word Search

If your child would rather be on the court than in the classroom, get him pumped about vocabulary with this basketball-themed word search.

Olympic Word Search

Little athletes will love testing their logic skills with this fun word search that's all about the Summer Olympics!

"Find the Difference" Pictures

What is different about these two pictures? Have some fun with your little gymnast, and search for the six differences between these two scenes.

Summer Olympics

Find the difference in these two pictures of Olympic swimmers collecting their medals on the podium.

Famous Olympic Athletes: Mary Lou Retton

Mary Lou Retton tumbled into America's heart in the 1988 Olympics. Read about her Olympic victories in this worksheet, then complete a short reading exercise.

Michael Phelps

Michael Phelps swam his way to success, as your young student will find out in this biography worksheet on one of the greatest swimmers in the world.

Jesse Owens

Jesse Owens' successes in the 1938 Olympics made history and paved the way for African-Americans in sports and other fields.

Historical Heroes: Jesse Owens

Celebrate Black History Month with this printable about athlete and Olympic gold medal winner Jesse Owens.

Olympic Cycling

Learn more about the Olympic sport of cycling with this worksheet that contains reading comprehension and fun puzzles.

Olympic Fencing

Get straight to the point with this worksheet about fencing, one of the lesser-known Olympic sports.

Olympic Equestrian Events

It's time to saddle up for the Olympics! Learn more about the equestrian events at the Olympics with this reading worksheet.

1896 Olympics

Get geared up for the Olympics with this fun reading worksheet about the first modern Olympic games, held in -- where else? -- Greece in 1896.

Olympic Archery

Aim for reading success with this worksheet about the Olympic version of archery.

Olympic Canoeing and Kayaking

Is your child having trouble navigating the rough waters of reading? Hand her this worksheet about some Olympic events: canoeing and kayaking.

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