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Cars in Spanish

Match pictures with the Spanish words for different vehicles.

Colors in Spanish Word Search

This word search includes all the Spanish words for the basic colors. Challenge your young Spanish learner's eye for Spanish vocabulary.

Spanish Adjectives

Master a new language with the help of these Spanish adjectives flashcards! Challenge her even further by asking her to say each word in a sentence.

Spanish Conjugation Forms

Help your beginning Spanish speaker master verb conjugation with these helpful flashcards.

La Ropa

Build up your Spanish vocabulary with this handy worksheet about "la ropa."

Shapes in Spanish

This worksheet shows your budding Spanish speaker how to spell and pronounce the Spanish words for shapes. It's great practice for building Spanish vocabulary!

Spanish Verb Flashcards

Here's a great way to get your new Spanish speaker to master her verbs. Test her knowledge of these important vocab words with these flashcards.

Animal Names in Spanish

Go wild for Spanish vocabulary! Beginning Spanish speakers can expand their vocabulary with this worksheet full of animal names in Spanish.

Fruits in Spanish

Test your kid's Spanish vocabulary and see if he can match fruits with their Spanish words. If he gets it right, celebrate with "una ensalada de fruta."

Spanish: What Is My Job?

Write in the Spanish word for the correct job for each clue and picture.

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