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Outer Space In My Yard

Collect meteorite dust with a magnet in your very own backyard! The objective of this science fair project is to gather meteorite dust to study outer space.

Popcorn Pumice: Exploring Different Rock Densities

In this popcorn experiment, students can explore how two things made out of the same material can have very different appearances and densities.

Shape of the Earth: What If?

What if the shape of the Earth weren't spherical? How does its shape affect our gravity, climate, and tides? Model these questions in this cool project!

Build a Rainforest Terrarium

A project to reinforce learning about the layers of the rainforest, rain forest ecosystem, and the greenhouse effect.

Can You Cook Using Only Sunlight?

Bake some cookies with an oven that collects sunlight and traps the shorter wavelengths (heat!).

Create Your Own Miniature Salt Flats!

In this science fair project, students create their own miniature salt flats at home.

Does Electricity Move Better through Thick Wires or Thin Ones?

Does electricity move better through thick wires or thin ones? kids will conduct this classic electricity experiment for this science fair project.

Antibacterial Agents

The objective of this science fair project is to test how effective waterless hand sanitizers and generic ethanol kill bacteria.

How to Make a Lung Model

This science fair project explains the process of how the lungs expand and contract with the help of the diaphragm.

17: The Most Popular Random Number

This project explores whether people's choice of a "random" number is not as random as it seems.

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