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Color Mommy and Baby Chicken

Here's a mommy chicken and her baby chick out for a stroll!

Shape Patterns: Farm Maze

This worksheet will help your child practice her shape recognition skills as she helps the cow find her way back to the barn.

Barn Coloring Page

Here's a fun barn coloring page featuring a trio of adorable farm animals! Can your preschooler name all the animals pictured here?

Trace a Line

It's been a long day on the farm! Trace a line to help guide each animal back home.

Car Bingo: Farms

This i-spy version of bingo makes great travel entertainment during a long road trip.

Farm Bingo

The next time you visit a farm, bring Farm Bingo along for a fun game. See if your kid can name the animals on her bingo card, then find them on the farm.

Find What Doesn't Belong: On the Farm

In this preschool math worksheet, your child will practice sorting and categorizing to figure out what doesn't belong.

Farm Maze

Help this farmer get back to his barn. Your preschooler might also come up with some funny stories about why a farmer would find a castle or a sailboat.

Missing Vowels: Farm Animals

These farm animals are missing their vowels. Can your child help them out and match up the right vowel with the right animal name?

Farm Addition

There's lots of counting to be done on a farm! Can you count up Old MacDonald's hens and pigs?

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