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Time 2 Tell Time 5

Ask your second grader to determine the time that is set on each clock and jot down the written time below each image.

Time 2 Tell Time 8

Use this worksheet to help your second grader review the function of each component of a clock and read the times expressed in each image.

Telling the Time Made Easy!

Telling the time is made easy in this worksheet with six clocks all displaying different times. Read the clock and write the time in the space provided.

Telling Time: On the Hour or Half Hour?

Test your second grader's time telling skills by challenging her to write the time shown on each clock.

Time 2 Tell Time 3

Ask your second grader to determine the time that is expressed on each brightly colored clock, and then circle the correct choice among several options.

Clock Work #4

Help your little one learn a fundamental skill: telling time! He'll practice reading analog clocks, and then he can draw in the hands on blank clocks.

Time 2 Tell Time 6

Help your second graders feel independent by learning how to read clocks on their own! This printable asks students to circle the correct written time for each clock.

Time 2 Tell Time 14

Second graders are still expected to know how to read "old-fashioned" analog clocks, and this worksheet will help!

Practice Test: Telling Time

From reading a clock to adding time, this quick quiz covers a variety of second grade time concepts.

Telling Time with Punctual Pete

Kids help Pete the Elephant learn how to tell time by marking the time shown on each clock.

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