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Rounding and Estimation 3rd

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Rounding: Magical Math!

On this third grade math worksheet, kids round to estimate the difference between two numbers, a useful strategy for checking the results of calculations.

Rounding: Round 'Em Up!

Round 'Em Up! Kids learn how to round to the nearest ten and the nearest hundred on this third grade math worksheet.

Speedy Rounding and Subtracting 4

Sharpen your second grader's ability to subtract quickly and efficiently by integrating estimation into the process with this adorable worksheet.

Speedy Rounding and Subtracting 3

With sufficient estimation practice, your second grader will gain a better understanding of numbers and significantly improve her subtraction skills!

Rounding Numbers: Subtraction

As your second grader learns to round up or down and then complete subtraction equations, his overall math skills will improve.

Place Value Practice: Thousandths

Looking for a worksheet to help your kid practice determining place value? This printable is great for working with decimal places.

Adding and Rounding

Adding large numbers becomes easy when you know how to round. Add two groups of numbers, round them to the nearest 10, then add again.

Rounding to the Nearest Ten

Saddle up, it's time to round up this herd of sheep! Your math cowboy will practice rounding to the nearest ten with this worksheet.

Adding and Rounding to the Nearest 100

Adding large numbers can be tough for 2nd graders, but rounding makes it easy. Use rounding to the nearest 100 to make complicated addition problems simple.

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