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Animals Matching Game

How sharp is your child's memory? Give her a fun way to practice memorization with a match-up card game!

Weather Memory Game

Help your child learn the weather and practice his memory skills with a simple but fun memory match game!

Memory Game for Kids

This memory game for kids features basic facial features, so they can learn their parts of the body as they play along.

Make a Match: Party

Enjoy playing a fun memory matching game with your child, helping her build memorization and study skills!

Easy Animal Memory Game

This simple animal memory game will help preschoolers associate different sounds with the animals who make them.

Visual Memory Game 1

Challenge your child's memory with a fun coloring game! She'll try to memorize the colored pictures on the left, and re-draw them without peeking.

Memory Game: Sports

Give your preschooler a jump-start on his memorization skills with a fun memory match game!

Visual Memory Game 4

In this memory challenge, your preschooler will have four pictures to memorize, and then she'll try to re-draw the missing parts from memory!

Visual Memory Game 3

Prepare your preschooler with some stellar study skills by completing this memory challenge! She'll try to re-draw each picture from memory.

Visual Memory Game 2

This memory game also involves coloring! Your child will get to practice memorizing by trying to re-draw the missing parts of these pictures.

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