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Does Text Color Affect Readability

Discover whether the color of text correlates with ease and speed of reading.

Does Face Shape Affect Ones' Perception of Kindness?

Look at people's face shape. Do you think their face shape affects your perception of kindness? Find out more in this science fair project idea!

Do People With Warmer Skin Tones Tend To Like Warmer Colors and Cooler, Cool?

This science fair project idea explores if people with cool skin tones prefer cool colors and people with warm skin tones prefer warm colors.

Are Cell Phone Conversations More Distracting than Normal Conversations?

This experiment explores how listening in to a one-sided conversation affects concentration.

Does Chewing Gum Help You Concentrate?

This project investigates whether chewing gum can help a majority of people with focus and concentration.

The Gossip Factor

This science fair project idea examines how well individuals can remember a story they were told and how accurately they pass that story along.

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