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Letter Ee Collection

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Things That Start with E: Vowel Spotlight

Looking for a worksheet to help your child learn vowels? This printable worksheet will improve his skills with letters as he learns what things start with E.

E for Eel

Color a couple slippery eels as they form the letter E.

Find the Hidden Letter: E

Can you find the hidden letter? Help your child practice recognizing and sounding out the letter E with this kindergarten reading worksheet.

Alphabet Flashcards: E

Egg begins with the letter E! Color in the flashcards featuring the letter E then cut them out and use them to play memory and spelling games.

Alphabet Shapes: "E"

Can your little reader remember how to make an "E"? If he's mastered the ABC's, here's a fun way to start learning how to write the letters out.

E is for Elephant

E is for elephant, egret, excellent, ... what else can your child think of? She can think about it as she colors in the picture.

ABC Flashcards: E

E is for egg! Color in the letter E and its matching flashcard featuring a picture of an egg then use them to practice memorizing the alphabet.

E Book

Make an E Book (no, not an eBook) by cutting and pasting things that start with an E sound.

Monster "E"

My, what fuzzy ears you have! Have a fun alphabet review with your little monster while you color this capital letter E.

Dino E

Practice your dinosaur roar as you recite the alphabet with your little learner!

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