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Science Fair Projects

5th grade
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Sizing Up Marshmallows

Marshmallows are made of sugar, water, and air pockets. Since the marshmallow is flexible, will air pressure cause it to expand when heated in a microwave?

How to Inflate a Balloon Using Baking Soda and Vinegar

Check out this fun science fair project to make a vinegar and baking soda balloon and demonstrate how gas is created as a result of the chemical reaction.

Making Sugar Crystals

Kids will love making sugar crystals in this sugar crystal science fair project which teaches important chemistry concepts like saturation and solubility.

Which Cup Best Prevents Ice from Melting?

This project determines whether Styrofoam, paper, or plastic cups are best for preventing ice from melting.

Does A Longer Paper Airplane Fly Farther than a Wide One?

Find out whether a longer airplane will fly farther or a wider paper airplane.

Magnet Science Fair Project: How to Measure the Strength of a Magnet

Can a toy car determine the strength of a magnet? In this cool magnet science fair project, young scientists will learn how to measure the strength of a magnet.

Potato Chip Science: How Greasy Are Your Potato Chips?

How greasy are your potato chips? Students will use a reliable method to quantify greasiness and compare different brands in this great science fair project.


Science fair project which uses coins flips to visually demonstrate the probability of an event and how to express it.

Plant and Animal Fat Facts

Compare animal and plant fats and observe, and record, and draw conclusions about their similarities and differences.

How to Make the Perfect Shot in Basketball

This basketball project explores the best way to make the perfect shot every time.

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