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Science Fair Projects

5th grade
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Making a Static Electricity Bell

Demonstrate how static electricity can cause an object to move. It also examines just how an object affected by static electricity will move.

Speedy Shoes

Science fair project which evaluates different athletic shoes in order to find out whether any of them affect a person's ability to run.

Can Jell-O be Made With Just Warm Water Instead of Boiling Hot and Then Cold?

Do you love to make Jell-O? Find out in this science fair project idea if it is possible to make Jell-O with just warm water.

Air Is Everywhere!

This science fair project idea provides evidence that air is everywhere and takes up space.

Blindfolded Taste Test

This science fair project has kids conduct a blindfolded taste test to determine how smell influences our ability to taste foods.

Can Smokers Hold their Breath as long as Non-Smokers?

Who can hold their breath longer, smokers or non-smokers? Find out in this science fair project idea!

Why Does Honey Crystallize?

Why does honey crystallize? This science fair project project answers this question and identifies the variable that makes this sweet solute crystallize faster.

Which Nail Polish Lasts Longer: Matte or Shiny?

Find out whether matte or shiny nail polish lasts longer.

Helium Rising

Science fair project that examines how temperature affects density and how density in turn affects the behavior of helium gas.

Create Your Own Miniature Salt Flats!

In this science fair project, students create their own miniature salt flats at home.

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