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Summer Paper Doll Girl

It's a sunny day out! What is the best outfit to wear? Help your child learn her seasons as she picks out some summer clothing for this paper doll.

Paper Lei

Stuck at home this summer? Take a trip to Hawaii and back with this printable paper lei project.

Hawaii Coloring Page

Fill this page with tropical colors, and introduce your child to pineapples, hibiscus, palm trees and many other things found on the island of Hawaii.

Beach Addition

It's a beach themed addition party, and your kindergartener is invited! She'll practice single digit addition with fun and familiar beach items.

Barbeque Invitation

Got a neighborhood barbecue coming up? Make invites easy with this fun printable invitation.

Circle What Belongs: Sunny Day

Give your child some categorization practice with this sunny day worksheet. She'll pick out and circle the objects that show up when the sun is shining.

S is for Sun! Practice Writing the Letter S

Help your child soar to letter writing success by building up her fine motor skills as she masters the letter S with this spectacular worksheet.

Learn About the Sun!

As kids color in this sunny scene, they'll learn about the sun and what it does.

Addition with Pictures: Leaves

No matter what the season, preschoolers will love to learn to count with this fun, easy "Addition with Pictures" worksheet featuring fall leaves.

Birthday Mini-Book

Celebrating a birthday is all about celebrating ME! Give your child a fun activity to remember her birthday by.

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