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Color by Number

What? Combine the fun and joy of art with learning numbers and you'll end up turning your kid -- like I did mine -- into a math nerd (like their Aunt Kristi) in the best possible way. Color by Number worksheets are an incredibly creative way for your kid to turn math into their favorite subject.
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Color by Number: Fishbowl

Give your child some practice following directions with this fun fishbowl color by number page.

Color by Number: Robots in Space

These wacky robots need a little color to spice up their outer space adventure. Can your child follow directions and color by number to complete the scene?

Watercolor Paint by Number: Bee

If you're tired of color by number, try painting by number instead! This cute sheet features an adorable bee and a pretty flower, each in need of some color.

Watercolor Paint by Number: Dinosaur

This dinosaur scene is in the need of some color--watercolor that is! As your child paints, she'll practice color mixing and boost number recognition, too.

Watercolor Paint by Number: Koala Bear

Here's a cute koala that's sure to warm any child's heart. As your child paints this adorable scene, she'll practice color mixing and number recognition, too.

Color by Number: The Beach

Have your kid bring this beach scene to life by coloring according to the key. As he colors he'll be practicing important number recognition skills.

Color by Number: The Clownfish

Clownfish are known for their bright colors, and with this color by number page, your child will get to add them himself!

Watercolor Paint by Number: Flowers

A trio of smiling flowers are featured on this page, but they need some color to really bloom. Can your child pull out his watercolors and brighten them up?

Paint by Number

Looking for a twist on the boring old color by number sheets? Try this out! Kids use watercolors to mix their own shades and brighten up this friendly apple.

Watercolor Paint by Number: Bear

This paint by number bear is cute enough to cuddle, and it's sure to boost your child's fine motor skills, too.

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