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Color by Number

What? Combine the fun and joy of art with learning numbers and you'll end up turning your kid -- like I did mine -- into a math nerd (like their Aunt Kristi) in the best possible way. Color by Number worksheets are an incredibly creative way for your kid to turn math into their favorite subject.
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Color by Number: The Diver

Dive into fine motor skill practice with a coloring page that will have your kid imagining what it would be like to go on a deep-sea adventure.

Color By Number: Fairy

Bring the hidden fairy out of hiding by coloring the picture according to the numbers. Use the key to find out which colors to use for each number.

Watercolor Paint by Number: Flying Toucan

Toucans are some of the most vibrant and colorful birds out there, but the toucan on this paint by number page is missing his colors!

Watercolor Paint by Number: Giraffe

Time to pull out those paintbrushes because this giraffe color by number sheet is different than all the rest--it uses watercolors instead of crayons!

Color by Number Flamingo

With this detailed flamingo Color by Number sheet, not only do kids get practice recognizing colors, they also practice identifying different color shades.

Color By Number: Sand Castle

Expose the sand castle by completing the color by number worksheet. Don't forget to color in the sand castle!

Color By Number: Cat

Color in the numbered parts of the picture of the cat. Use the key at the bottom of the worksheet to find out which color to use for each number.

Color by Number: Outer Space

Featuring a cute alien, mysterious planets, and a zooming rocket, this color by number sheet is lots of fun.

Color By Number: Rocket

To catch a glimpse of the rocket, complete the color by number worksheet using the key below the picture. First graders will have a blast!

Color by Number: Teddy Bear

This color by number sheet is simple, making it perfect for your preschooler. It features a teddy bear reading a book as he sits atop a giant apple.

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