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Color by Number

What? Combine the fun and joy of art with learning numbers and you'll end up turning your kid -- like I did mine -- into a math nerd (like their Aunt Kristi) in the best possible way. Color by Number worksheets are an incredibly creative way for your kid to turn math into their favorite subject.
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Watercolor Paint by Number: Carrots

Does your child know which primary colors he can mix to make orange? If not, he'll learn as he paints these carrots on this fun paint by number page.

Color by Number: Lion in the Jungle

Featuring a big adorable lion, this color by number has charm in spades...and it's great for number practice, too!

Color by Number Race Car

Your child will have so much fun coloring this spiffy race car that he won't realize he's practicing important skills like color and number recognition.

Color by Number: Fish

Your first grader can color by number and find out what ocean animal is hidden in this coloring page!

Watercolor Paint by Number: Bird

Give your child great color-mixing practice with this fun paint by number worksheet, featuring a bird who's just found himself a yummy worm.

What's Hiding in the Numbers?: 5

This preschool math and coloring worksheet focuses on the number 5. Kids color all of the spaces with the number 5 to reveal hidden apples.

Hidden Submarine

Test your child's alphabet knowledge with this fun color by number worksheet, featuring an ocean submarine.

Color by Number: The Starfish

This under the sea scene has more than just the typical starfish in it. Your child will count and color by number to bring the page to life!

Watercolor Paint by Number: Tiger

Print out this page to give your child some paint by number fun. Can she get this cute tiger colored right?

Color by Number: The Dinosaur

This color by number coloring page enters the world of dinosaurs and prehistoric earth. Bring the page to life one number and color at a time!

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