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Color by Number

What? Combine the fun and joy of art with learning numbers and you'll end up turning your kid -- like I did mine -- into a math nerd (like their Aunt Kristi) in the best possible way. Color by Number worksheets are an incredibly creative way for your kid to turn math into their favorite subject.
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Color by Number: Fishbowl

Give your child some practice following directions with this fun fishbowl color by number page.

Color by Number: Robots in Space

These wacky robots need a little color to spice up their outer space adventure. Can your child follow directions and color by number to complete the scene?

Watercolor Paint by Number: Bee

If you're tired of color by number, try painting by number instead! This cute sheet features an adorable bee and a pretty flower, each in need of some color.

Watercolor Paint by Number: Dinosaur

This dinosaur scene is in the need of some color--watercolor that is! As your child paints, she'll practice color mixing and boost number recognition, too.

Watercolor Paint by Number: Koala Bear

Here's a cute koala that's sure to warm any child's heart. As your child paints this adorable scene, she'll practice color mixing and number recognition, too.

Color by Number: The Beach

Have your kid bring this beach scene to life by coloring according to the key. As he colors he'll be practicing important number recognition skills.

Color by Number: The Clownfish

Clownfish are known for their bright colors, and with this color by number page, your child will get to add them himself!

Watercolor Paint by Number: Flowers

A trio of smiling flowers are featured on this page, but they need some color to really bloom. Can your child pull out his watercolors and brighten them up?

Paint by Number

Looking for a twist on the boring old color by number sheets? Try this out! Kids use watercolors to mix their own shades and brighten up this friendly apple.

Watercolor Paint by Number: Bear

This paint by number bear is cute enough to cuddle, and it's sure to boost your child's fine motor skills, too.

Color by Number: The Diver

Dive into fine motor skill practice with a coloring page that will have your kid imagining what it would be like to go on a deep-sea adventure.

Color By Number: Fairy

Bring the hidden fairy out of hiding by coloring the picture according to the numbers. Use the key to find out which colors to use for each number.

Watercolor Paint by Number: Flying Toucan

Toucans are some of the most vibrant and colorful birds out there, but the toucan on this paint by number page is missing his colors!

Watercolor Paint by Number: Giraffe

Time to pull out those paintbrushes because this giraffe color by number sheet is different than all the rest--it uses watercolors instead of crayons!

Color by Number Flamingo

With this detailed flamingo Color by Number sheet, not only do kids get practice recognizing colors, they also practice identifying different color shades.

Color By Number: Sand Castle

Expose the sand castle by completing the color by number worksheet. Don't forget to color in the sand castle!

Color By Number: Cat

Color in the numbered parts of the picture of the cat. Use the key at the bottom of the worksheet to find out which color to use for each number.

Color by Number: Outer Space

Featuring a cute alien, mysterious planets, and a zooming rocket, this color by number sheet is lots of fun.

Color By Number: Rocket

To catch a glimpse of the rocket, complete the color by number worksheet using the key below the picture. First graders will have a blast!

Color by Number: Teddy Bear

This color by number sheet is simple, making it perfect for your preschooler. It features a teddy bear reading a book as he sits atop a giant apple.

Watercolor Paint by Number: Carrots

Does your child know which primary colors he can mix to make orange? If not, he'll learn as he paints these carrots on this fun paint by number page.

Color by Number: Lion in the Jungle

Featuring a big adorable lion, this color by number has charm in spades...and it's great for number practice, too!

Color by Number Race Car

Your child will have so much fun coloring this spiffy race car that he won't realize he's practicing important skills like color and number recognition.

Color by Number: Fish

Your first grader can color by number and find out what ocean animal is hidden in this coloring page!

Watercolor Paint by Number: Bird

Give your child great color-mixing practice with this fun paint by number worksheet, featuring a bird who's just found himself a yummy worm.

What's Hiding in the Numbers?: 5

This preschool math and coloring worksheet focuses on the number 5. Kids color all of the spaces with the number 5 to reveal hidden apples.

Hidden Submarine

Test your child's alphabet knowledge with this fun color by number worksheet, featuring an ocean submarine.

Color by Number: The Starfish

This under the sea scene has more than just the typical starfish in it. Your child will count and color by number to bring the page to life!

Watercolor Paint by Number: Tiger

Print out this page to give your child some paint by number fun. Can she get this cute tiger colored right?

Color by Number: The Dinosaur

This color by number coloring page enters the world of dinosaurs and prehistoric earth. Bring the page to life one number and color at a time!

Watercolor Paint by Number: Duck

Here's a fun twist on the typical color by number sheet--try painting by number instead! Kids mix their own colors to brighten up this cute duck.

Watercolor Paint by Number: Rainbow Fish

How can this fish be called a rainbow fish without any colors? He needs your child's help to brighten him up.

Color by Number Puppy

Kids get practice with colors, numbers, and following instructions as they color in this adorable puppy.

Watercolor Paint by Number: Toucan

Kids use their watercolors to paint this toucan by number, but since they only have primary colors, they need to mix their own green, orange, and brown.

Color by Letter

Instead of color by number, try color by letter! Kids assign a color to each letter, then color the shapes to find the hidden airplane.

Watercolor Paint by Number: Rainbow Horse

This horse doesn't want to be boring old brown; he wants to be all the colors of the rainbow! Can your child help him out?

Watercolor Paint by Number: Monkey

What kid doesn't love a good monkey picture? This paint by number scene is lots of fun, and a great way to sneak in some color and number recognition practice.

Watercolor Paint by Number: Snake

This fun paint by number sheet, featuring an adorable snake, has it all: color mixing, number recognition, patterning, and more!

Color by Letter: Capital and Lowercase E

This color by letter kindergarten reading worksheet features capital and lowercase E. Kids use a key to color the page and reveal a hidden Earth picture.

What's Hiding in the Numbers?: 10

This preschool math and coloring worksheet focuses on the number 10. Kids color all of the spaces with the number 10 to reveal hidden butterflies.

Watercolor Paint by Number: Rooster

As your child paints this rooster, she'll boost color and number recognition skills, and she'll even get some color mixing practice in there, too.

Watercolor Paint by Number: Parrot

What better way to boost color and number recognition than with a fun paint by number picture? This one features a beautiful parrot in flight.

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