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Dinosaur Coloring

These dinosaur coloring sheets will have your kids build their drawing skills while learning about the ancient world of dinosaurs. Great facts and great fun. This is one of the few history lessons that will captivate your kids.
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Color the Dinosaur: Stegosaurus

This cute Stegosaurus looks confused! Let your child decide why as he colors in this prehistoric scene.

Triceratops Coloring

Help this triceratops out by coloring him in the way he might have looked during the dinosaur days!

Color the Excited Enchodus

A coloring sheet of an enchodus, an extinct fish that lived in the sea in ancient times.

Apatosaurus Coloring Page

This Apatosaurus coloring page features the fascinating plant-eating dinosaur! Learn a few facts about him then bring out the crayons and color him in.

Color the Camptosaurus

This dinosaur may look dangerous, but don't worry! It only eats plants! Color him in the way you think he looked as he walked the earth many eons ago.

Color the Ankylosaurus

Color the Ankylosaurus as he moseys along. This big, armored dinosaur roamed North America before going extinct.

Color the Pachycephalosaurus

This Pachycephalosaur looks friendly enough to color. This coloring page is perfect for any kid who can't get enough of dinosaurs and lizards!

Color the Tyrannosaurus Rex

This coloring page showcases the vicious dinosaur protecting its turf!

Color the Pteranodon

Check out this pteranodon fishing in an ancient ocean! Your child will love coloring this ancient winged reptile.

Parasaurolophus Coloring Page

This Parasaurolophus coloring page will allow your dinosaur fanatic to get acquainted with this dino wearing some seriously distinctive head gear!

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