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Dot-to-Dot Dinosaurs

My kids love watching these dinosaurs appear before their very eyes as they connect the dots -- learning all about dinosaurs and getting the satisfaction of drawing their own.
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Dino Dot to Dot: Supersaurus

Learn about Supersaurus, one of the largest dinosaurs ever recorded, with this fun fact dot to dot printable.

Dino Dot to Dot: Styracosaurus

Connect the dots from 1 to 30 to reveal Styracosaurus's mighty horns.

Dinosaur Dot to Dot

Who is this fearsome dinosaur? Have your child complete the drawing by filling in the dot to dot. Remember to count in even numbers only!

Dino Dot to Dot: Triceratops

If your kid's a dino buff, chances are he knows Triceratops. With a neat fact about this classic dino, this dot to dot is not only fun, it's educational, too.

Dino Dot to Dot: Hylaeosaurus

For dinosaur lovers, this dot to dot featuring armor-plated Hylaeosaurus is sure to please.

T-Rex Dot to Dot

Counting, writing and drawing practice are wrapped up in this dot-to-dot coloring page. What prehistoric animal will be revealed?

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