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Dot-to-Dot Dinosaurs

My kids love watching these dinosaurs appear before their very eyes as they connect the dots -- learning all about dinosaurs and getting the satisfaction of drawing their own.
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Connect the Dino Dots

This dino is missing some parts! Connect the dots to find out what kind of dinosaur he is

Color the Dinosaur: Oviraptor

This dinosaur coloring page includes fun facts for your child to learn as he colors.

Ankylosauris Dot to Dot

Get to know the fearsome Ankylosaurus with this cool printable that doubles as a dot to dot activity and coloring page.

Dino Dot to Dot: Tyrannosaurus

If you've got a dinosaur enthusiast at home, he'll surely love this dot to dot worksheet that includes a quick fact about fearsome Tyrannosaurus.

Dino Dot to Dot: Carcharodontosaurus

Huge Carcharodontosaurus has a name to match his massive size! Delight your little dino lover with this fun dinosaur dot to dot.

Dino Dot to Dot: Stegosaurus

Spark your child's interest in dinosaurs with this prehistoric dot to dot featuring plant-eating Stegosaurus.

Dinosaur Connect the Dots

What kind of dinosaur is it? Do this fun connect the dots worksheet to discover a cool dinosaur, and practice counting with your child!

Dino Dot to Dot: Megalosaurus

Megalosaurus was a giant carnivore similar to Tyrannosaurus Rex. Learn about this classic dino with a dot to dot coloring page.

Connect the Dots: T-Rex

Complete the picture of the toothy T-Rex and practice your counting skills by connecting the dots from 1-45.

Dino Dot to Dot: Dimetrodon

If your child is into dinosaurs, this dot to dot featuring the dino Dimetrodon is sure to make his day.

Dino Dot to Dot: Prehistoric Frog

Frogs aren't exactly dinosaurs, but they were around during prehistoric times. Celebrate this resilient species with a dot to dot activity.

Dino Dot to Dot: Fearsome Flyer

For dino lovers, this dot to dot featuring the winged Rhamphorhynchus is sure to be a hit.

Dino Dot to Dot: Ichthyosaurus

Learn about Ichthyosaurus, a reptile that lived in the ocean, with this cool dinosaur dot to dot activity.

Dino Dot to Dot: Tyrannosaurus Rex

If your kid is into dinosaurs, this dot to dot featuring mighty T. Rex is sure to please.

Dino Dot to Dot: Barosaurus

This dot to dot page features giant Barosaurus, a dinosaur with a very, very long neck.

Dino Dot to Dot: Blow Your Horn

Learn about the parasaurolophus, one of the most musically inclined dinosaurs with this dot-to-dot coloring page.

Dino Dot to Dot: Camarasaurus

Camarasaurus had nostrils on top of his head! Celebrate this nose-y dinosaur with this fun dot to dot page.

Dino Dot to Dot: Gallimimus

Learn more about Gallimimus, one of the fastest dinosaurs, with this cool dino dot to dot.

Dino Dot to Dot: Struthiomimus

Brighten your dino lover's day with this fun fact dot to dot all about Struthiomimus, the "ostrich mimic".

Dino Dot to Dot: Prehistoric Tortoise

Tortoises lived in prehistoric times, and they looked pretty much the same then as they do today. Get to know this long-living reptile with a fun dot to dot.

Dino Dot to Dot: Supersaurus

Learn about Supersaurus, one of the largest dinosaurs ever recorded, with this fun fact dot to dot printable.

Dino Dot to Dot: Styracosaurus

Connect the dots from 1 to 30 to reveal Styracosaurus's mighty horns.

Dinosaur Dot to Dot

Who is this fearsome dinosaur? Have your child complete the drawing by filling in the dot to dot. Remember to count in even numbers only!

Dino Dot to Dot: Triceratops

If your kid's a dino buff, chances are he knows Triceratops. With a neat fact about this classic dino, this dot to dot is not only fun, it's educational, too.

Dino Dot to Dot: Hylaeosaurus

For dinosaur lovers, this dot to dot featuring armor-plated Hylaeosaurus is sure to please.

T-Rex Dot to Dot

Counting, writing and drawing practice are wrapped up in this dot-to-dot coloring page. What prehistoric animal will be revealed?

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