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Kids City: Pop-up Buildings, Cars, People

My kids love pretending that our living room is another world: sometimes the ocean, sometimes space, sometimes a playground (unfortunately), and it always changes. These neighborhood worksheets have been great to spark my kids imagination and help them learn vocabulary -- and just have fun.
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Eiffel Tower Model

Aspiring architects, here is a tricky paper craft that will keep you busy! Build a paper model of the Eiffel Tower; all you need are some scissors and glue.

Washington Monument Model

Get acquainted with one of our nation's most famous buildings, the Washington Monument, by building a small paper model!

Big Ben Model

Build a paper model of one of the most famous clocks in the world, Big Ben! This paper craft requires some tricky scissor-work and patience.

Pop-Up Neighborhoods: The Park Playground 2

Kids can make their own unique pop-up park complete with swing set, slide, and critter-filled trees with this cute 1st grade arts and crafts printable.

Pop-Up Neighborhoods: Fire Station

Your child can create his own miniature pop-up neighborhood complete with fire station, fire truck, and all with this fun printable.

Firefighter Paper Doll

if your child dreams of one day being a hero, she'll love this paper doll.

Pop-Up Neighborhoods: Houses and Trees

With this printable your child can create a pop-up neighborhood complete with houses, trees, and a mini pop-up boy!

Summer Vacation Coloring: The Capitol Records Building

The Capitol Records Building is one of Los Angeles' most famous sights to see.

Paper Cat! A Paper Project

Craft a paper cat in cute cube form with this printable paper project. It makes for a great desktop decoration or simple toy after arts and crafts time is up!

Cut and Craft a Conveyor Robot!

Help your child practice hand-eye coordination and cutting skills with this printable cut-out that makes a robot!

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