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All Monkeys All the Time

My preschool kids love anything related to monkeys -- and I found these great worksheets that are both fun and educational.
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Preschool Math: Inside and Outside

Preschoolers learn the difference between inside and outside on this colorful worksheet featuring monkeys, dogs, and a friendly cab driver.

Color the Cute Monkey

The cute monkey on this coloring sheet is having fun with some playful fireflies. Can your child use his crayons to brighten up this adorable scene?

Find the Pairs: Monkeys

These monkeys are two of a kind! Use this colorful worksheet to help your child recognize pairs, and learn a little more about counting and numbers.

Patterns: Animal Parade

The animals on this prekindergarten math worksheet appear in patterns. Kids study each pattern to determine which animal should come next.

Beginning Sounds Coloring: Sounds Like Mittens

Jump into phonics with a coloring page all about things that start with the letter M.

Trace and Write the Letter M

Milk, mountain, and monkey all begin with M! On this prekindergarten writing worksheet, kids trace M and write the letter next to pictures that begin with M.

M Is For...

Help your preschooler learn the alphabet and practice letter M sounds all while having fun and coloring!

Color the Jumping Monkey

Print out this monkey coloring sheet for your animal-lover to brighten up, and boost her fine motor skills at the same time.

Squirrel Monkey Coloring Page

Not only are squirrel monkeys astronauts, they are gosh-darn cute.

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