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Teach Kids How to Draw

I've collected some of the most fun and engaging activities that are helping my kid to draw while developing her fine motor skills. These activities also motivate her to want to use pens and pencils and start to draw the alphabet and numbers. She also learns the names of body parts, builds appreciation for colors and builds her self esteem through practice and mastery.
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Draw Radiating Red Hearts!

Take a fun and simple look at the concept of parallel lines with your child. This art activity is great for fine motor skills and perfect for Valentine's Day!

Get Colorful with a Stained Glass Drawing!

Do this fun art project to brighten up your home with an easy-to-make stained glass window drawing!

Draw the Cheshire Cat

Break out the crayons and draw the mischievous Cheshire Cat.

Make a Matching Game

Kids can create their own unique matching game with this cut-out card game!

Draw the White Rabbit!

Where is the White Rabbit? Once again, he's late! Encourage your kid help him get where he needs to be by drawing him into this scene from Alice in Wonderland.

Draw the Headless Horseman

Draw the Headless Horseman into the climactic scene from the American classic, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.

Genie Coloring Page

Here, your child gets to stretch is imagination with this 'Finish the Drawing" worksheet based on a classic cultural fairy tale.

Dorothy and Toto Coloring Page

It's up to you to color in what (and who) Dorothy seems to have lost on her journey down the Yellow Brick Road.

Finish the Drawing: Draw a Wicked Witch

This Finish the Drawing witch worksheet lets your child get creative just in time for Halloween. Use this Finish the Drawing witch worksheet with your child.

Robin Hood Coloring Page

Fans of the Robin Hood folk tale will delight in this drawing activity that lets them be a part of Robin Hood's heroic life.

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