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Teach Kids How to Draw

I've collected some of the most fun and engaging activities that are helping my kid to draw while developing her fine motor skills. These activities also motivate her to want to use pens and pencils and start to draw the alphabet and numbers. She also learns the names of body parts, builds appreciation for colors and builds her self esteem through practice and mastery.
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Can You Draw Orphan Annie's Dog?

Draw Annie's trusty sidekick, her dog Sandy. Encourage your kid to help her find him again by drawing him back into her arms.

Finish the Drawing: Jack and the Beanstalk

Kids can stretch their imagination with these Finish the Drawing worksheets based on classic fairy tales.

Finish the Drawing: Draw the Monster!

This Finish the Drawing monster worksheet lets your child draw a creature destroying a city. Try this Finish the Drawing monster worksheet with your child.

Draw What Paul Bunyan is Missing!

Hmm...old Paul Bunyan seems to be missing something in this picture.

Color Johnny Appleseed!

How do you like them apples? Johnny Appleseed loves them!

Draw White Fang

Let your child stretch his imagination with this literary coloring sheet.

Sherlock Holmes Drawing Page

Complete this picture of the superstar sleuth by sketching him yourself! This Sherlock Holmes drawing page lets your child express his imaginative mind.

Draw the Life Cycle of a Butterfly

Does your child love butterflies? She'll learn all about them as she's asked to draw each stage of the butterfly's life.

Draw a Train

Draw a train for Casey Jones, one of the most famous American folk heroes.

Make a Super Villain!

Sharpen drawing skills and imagination with this finish the drawing coloring page. Your child will draw the arch nemesis of the smiling super hero on the page.

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