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Long Division

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Shopping Spree: Division Word Problems

Word problems can be a tricky! This fifth grade worksheet uses a straightforward approach to helping your child become more familiar with division.

Math Review: Multi-Digit Division

This no-frills worksheet serves up three- and four-digit division practice to help your fifth grader brush up on his division skills.

Division Duplication: 5th Grade

Long division may be tough to master, and fifth grade students can use this math worksheet to practice this important skill.

Solve the Division Riddle #2

To figure out the answer to this silly riddle, your child will have to solve a slew of division problems.

Solve the Division Riddle #4

After your child works through this slew of division problems, she'll come up with the answer to the funny riddle.

Solve the Division Riddle #5

If your child wants to solve this funny riddle, she'll have to complete a slew of division problems, first.

Solve the Division Riddle #1

What has eyes, but cannot see? If your child wants to solve this riddle, they're going to have to solve some division first!

Solve the Division Riddle #3

This colorful division worksheet is brimming with valuable division problems, and it's got a funny riddle, too.

Long Division Word Problems

Read each long division word problem carefully then write an equation to solve the problem and find the answer.

Classroom Math: Division Word Problems

In this fifth grade math worksheet, your child will practice solving multiple-step word problems using long division.

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