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Build a Recycled Box City

Who says you have to buy your toys at the toy store? In this activity, you can plan and build a pretend play city entirely out of recycled materials.

Presidential Seal Coloring Page

Help your child learn about the official duties of the President with this color-by-number page of the presidential seal.

President Obama Coloring Page

This simple coloring page features President Obama in front of the American flag.

Electoral College Map

On election night, be ready to track the results with this electoral college map. Color in the states as you prepare to find out who the president will be!

Political Party Platforms

What's the difference between the Republican Party and the Democratic Party? Use your super researching skills to discover where each political party stands.

Make a Campaign Poster

Election season is here, so pull out the crayons and let your future voter dive into the world of politics.

Write Your Congressman

A wonderful way for your future voter to express his freedom and flex his writing skills is by penning a letter to a leader.

Make Your Own Election Book

Let your future leader get a taste of American politics with her very own election book!

America the Beautiful

If some of these lyrics sound familiar, that's because America the Beautiful is a famous national song! Learn all of the lyrics with this worksheet.

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