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Class 4 Coloring n Activity

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Dolphins Coloring Page

Featuring a trio of happily playing dolphins, this coloring page is guaranteed to make a splash with your preschooler.

Monster Paper Doll

This adorable little monster and his outfits need some color! Help give his swim shorts beach ready designs, or make his suit fun and funky.

Color the Fruit Bowl

This fruit coloring page is a fun coloring exercise for preschoolers! Match up the correct color to the fruits in this yummy-looking arrangement.

Words To Live By: Don't Litter

Litter endangers animals and can be hazardous to human health. Help keep your neighborhood clean by always putting trash in the proper receptacle.

Color the Sick Teddy

Color in this picture of a teddy bear doing the right thing: take a day of to rest, relax and recover until he's ready to go back to school.

Learning to Share

If someone you know is in need of something you have, it's always a kind gesture to share a little bit of what you have with them.

Transportation Coloring: Car

If your child had her own car, what color would it be? Find out as she spruces up the car on this transportation coloring sheet.

Playing Puppies Coloring Page

Here's a coloring page that's sure to be a hit with your dog-lover. It features a pair of puppies playing together outside.

Color the Fairy Princess

Sneak a peak at pixie royalty with this sweet coloring page.

Sun Fairy Coloring Page

Did you know fairies like to go to the beach too? Check out this cute summer coloring page!

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