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Multiplication Color by Number: Chameleon 4

Throw a chameleon in the mix, and multiplication practice isn't so bad. This worksheet asks your child to solve multiplication problems, then color a chameleon.

Multiplication Color by Number: Fish #5

This charming worksheet will have your third grader practicing one-digit multiplication as he completes a fun color-by-number project.

Fill the Grid: Square Numbers

Still stuck on those times tables? Practice memorizing them by completing this times table grid!

Multiplication Color by Number: Butterfly 5

Containing both some helpful multiplication practice and a fun color-by-number activity, this double-duty worksheet will strengthen multiple third grade skills.

Multiplication Color by Number: Parrot 3

Doubling as a color by number coloring page, this cheerful 3rd grade math worksheet makes learning multiplication tables fun!

Monster Marathon: Two-Digit Subtraction #9

These friendly monsters can't figure out the winner of the monster marathon; let your second grader help by solving these double-digit subtraction problems!

Two Digit Subtraction

Which whimsical monster is the big winner? Sneak some double-digit subtraction practice in with your second grader's after school snack!

2 Digit Subtraction

The monsters are exhausted from their marathon, but they don't know who the big winner is. Can your second grader use his subtraction skills to find out?

Subtraction Number Crunching #8

Tired of math in black and white? Featuring a bright green set of razor-sharp fangs, this worksheet definitely has an edge!

Scoreboard Subtraction #6

Learning subtraction with borrowing is a bit like practicing free throws! Help your second grader get the concept down with this basketball math worksheet.

Multiplication Color by Number: Tree Frog 2

Give your third grader's multiplication know-how a boost with this math worksheet that packs a fun surprise: it's also a color by number coloring page!

Reflection, Rotation, Translation

Challenge your child to figure out if each shape has been reflected, rotated or translated on this geometry worksheet.

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