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Paper Doll

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Paper Doll Girl: 1910s

If your child loves fashion, give her a fun paper craft with a historical fashion paper doll! She'll learn a bit of American history as she colors.

Doctor Paper Doll

If your child is good at taking care of others, inspire her with this doctor paper doll.

Colonial Paper Doll: Girl

Give your child a fun paper craft with this beautiful historical paper doll! She'll get a little history lesson about the colonial period as she colors.

Historical Paper Dolls: 1920s

Fashion can be fun, but also quite telling of the times. So teach your child a bit about the roaring twenties in the U.S. and color the beautiful paper doll!

Historical Paper Dolls: 1930s

Your child can learn a bit about the Depression era, and can see what women wore back then, with this gorgeous 1930s paper doll.

Police Paper Doll

if your child loves to keep order around the house, she'll love these police paper dolls.

Artist Paper Doll

Show your child she can be anything she wants to be with this inspirational artist paper doll.

Pilot Paper Doll

If your child yearns to explore the wild blue yonder, then she'll no doubt love these paper dolls.

Victorian Paper Doll

Learn more about the history of the United States by printing and playing with this fun and fashionable Victorian paper doll.

Mailman Paper Doll

This paper doll is a mail carrier, perfect for any child that loves to make deliveries!

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