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Career Paper Dolls: Astronaut

Show your child she can be anything she wants to be with this inspirational astronaut paper doll.

Farmer Paper Doll

If your child loves to plant seeds and watch them grow, chances are she'll take a liking to this paper doll.

Pilgrim Paper Doll

Your child can explore a bit of historical U.S. fashion with this cute colonial paper doll!

History Paper Dolls: Civil War Soldiers

Make learning history fun with these paper dolls, representing soldiers from the Civil War.

Paper Doll Boy: 1990s

Learn a bit about the history of American fashion with a cute paper doll! This dude is from the 1990s, and sports some fashion from that time.

Paper Doll Girl: 1990s

Find out about fashion from the 1990s with this cute paper doll girl! Your child will get to read a little blurb about the 90s as she colors.

Paper Doll Boy: 2000s

Time travel to the last decade of fashion with a cute paper doll boy! Your child will get to color and cut out her very own doll, and read a bit of history.

Old Fashioned Paper Doll

Color a vintage paper doll and her outfits from the 1960s! Help dress up Kit with her fashionable wardrobe from that era.

Paper Doll Boy: 1980s

This adorable paper doll boy comes with a history lesson! Your child can read a bit about what went on in the 80s, and she'll see what people wore back then.

Paper Doll Girl: 2000s

Get caught up on the history of fashion with a cute paper doll girl. This glam gal is sporting fashion from recent years, and her outfit needs some color!

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