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Tropical Rain Forest Canopy and the Life Below it

Find a science fair project idea on rain forest canopy and explore the life that exists under the umbrella like covering over the rain forests.

Rain Forest Canopy and Species of Animals

Explore the fun facts on different species of animals in a tropical rain forest in this cool and interesting science fair project idea.

Rainforest Feast; Investigating how Foods are Grown in the Rainforest

In this project, students will learn what and how foods are grown in rain forests and if there are sustainable methods that can be used.

Tropical Rainforest Trees: Buttress Roots

What are buttress roots? In this fun science project, make a model of a rainforest tree and learn how they help trees survive in the tropical rainforest!

Tropical Rainforest Food Web

Kids build a rainforest food web to explore trophic levels in this cool science fair project for 4th grade.

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