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Place Value

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Place Value: Lemons and Limes

Each sour fruit in this worksheet has a number written inside. Kids will match each number to the written equivalent of the number.

Greater Than, Less Than, Equal To? #3

Don't get crabby about counting! This cute crab is here to help you learn your "greater than" (>) and "less than" (<) symbols for comparing numbers.

Learning Place Value: Bubbles!

In this second grade math worksheet, your child will learn about place value and practice reading and writing whole numbers up to the thousands.

Practice Test: Place Value

Help your second grader review place value with this quick practice quiz.

Practice Test: Number Patterns

Review number patterns with your second grader with this mini quiz that asks him to choose the number that comes next in each pattern.

Practice Test: Number Order

Go over number order with your second grader with this nifty practice test.

Thousands Place

Go over place value up to the thousands place with this helpful worksheet.

Place Value for Kids: Hidden Treasure

In this second grade math worksheet, your child will practice identifying place value up to the millions place.

Digging Digits: Practice Place Value #1

Start your second grader out with some place value practice with this colorful worksheet that explores the ones, tens, and hundreds digits.

Practice Place Value: Ten Thousands

Kids work with place value up to the ten thousands place on this handy worksheet.

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