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Text Filled Teddy: Identifying Patterns

To finish this worksheet you kindergartener will need to look at the series of letters and numbers on the teddy's shirt, and then decide what comes next.

Easy Sudoku: Letters m,n,o,p

Complete this easy Sudoku puzzle featuring lowercase letters m, n, o, and p! Solve it by writing lowercase letters only once in each row, column, and block.

Simple Multiplication: Corn

These easy multiplication worksheets will make your child a lean, mean, multiplying machine!

Pet Pals Mystery Multiplication

Pal around with some pets as you use your multiplication skills to solve the mystery word puzzle.

Math Review

Covering a variety of math concepts, this worksheet is perfect for kids studying for a big math test or looking for a general math review.

Rounding: Tens, Hundreds, Thousands

Offering practice rounding to the nearest ten, hundred, and thousand, this worksheet is sure to help your child rocket to rounding mastery.

Number Patterns: Treasure Hunt

Math is all about finding patterns, but this worksheet has a secret message encoded in the patterns!

Perfect Square Number Bracelet

Practice the concept of perfect squares with this fun worksheet. To uncover the code your child will need to determine if each number is a perfect square.

Solve a Division Riddle

Fifth graders practice multi-digit division as they work on cracking the riddle.

Be a Covert Code Breaker!

Help your child work on her code breaking and writing skills while covertly developing her analytical thinking skills with this fun activity.

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