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State Birds

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Vermont State Bird

Learn all about Vermont's state bird, the Hermit Thrush with this state bird coloring page.

Alaska State Bird

The Alaska state bird is the Willow Ptarmigan, also known as the Willow Grouse. First graders can learn fun facts and add color to the picture of the bird!

Arkansas State Bird

The Arkansas state bird is the mockingbird. Learn about the mockingbird and its habits in this Arkansas state bird coloring page.

California State Bird

Learn all about the California state bird, the Quail (and color it in, too) with this fun page from our State Birds series.

Florida State Bird

The mockingbird is internationally known, but it's also the most treasured bird in the state of Florida. Color in Florida's state bird in this coloring page.

Illinois State Bird

Have a budding ornithologist on your hands? Check out the birds like Illinois state bird, the cardinal, with this series of coloring pages!

Indiana State Bird

Check out these state bird coloring pages, like the Indiana state bird, famous for its red color.

West Virginia State Bird

Learn about the cardinal, the West Virginia state bird.

Washington State Bird

The Washington state bird is the Willow Goldfinch. First graders will learn fun facts and add color to help bring the picture of the bird to life!

Virginia State Bird

Your budding ornithologist will love this coloring page that features Virginia's state bird, the cardinal!

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