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Rounding to the Nearest Ten

Saddle up, it's time to round up this herd of sheep! Your math cowboy will practice rounding to the nearest ten with this worksheet.

Rounding to the Nearest Hundred

Get your lasso ready, it's time to round up the hundreds herd! Your rounding rancher will practice estimating numbers to the nearest hundred.

Estimate the Sum

Estimate the sum in each of these math problems. Challenge your child to round to the nearest hundred first, then add the two rounded numbers.

Front-End Estimation

Math whizzes can learn to estimate sums quickly using front-end estimation! Round to the highest place value and then add or subtract the rounded numbers.

Estimating Measurement

We make "guesstimations" all the time in everyday activities, from shopping to cooking. Help your child make estimations with measurements.

Estimation for Kids

Size up these barn animals with your little farmer. Help him learn to eyeball things by using his knowledge of how long an inch is.

Estimating Sums

Can your little math whiz add up sums quickly in his head? Teach him to estimate before adding, a great skill to put to use in everyday life!

Estimate Sums

How quickly can your math master round and add up these sums? Help him build a valuable math skill with this estimation worksheet.

Estimation Addition

Practice place value, rounding and addition, all in one worksheet! Your child will learn to add up estimated sums quickly in his head.

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