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Let's Go Shopping!: Ice Cream

A coin-counting worksheet for preschoolers featuring ice cream.

Sketch a Habitat: Desert

How much does your first grader know about the desert? Test her habitat knowledge with this fun printable.

Picture Prompt

What turned Louie's frown upside-down? This cute story starter gets your first grader writing a turtle tale.

Fill in the Adjective

Give your child adjective practice with this simple worksheet. After filling in the blanks, he'll see how many different adjectives he can add to the list.

Get into Grammar: Descriptive Words #1

Want to teach your first grader all about adjectives? These words that describe nouns are great for adding rich details to sentences and stories.

Digraphs -th and -tch

Help your first grader tackle -th and -tch words by filling in the sentences with the correct word.

Get into Grammar: Plural Nouns

This plural noun grammar worksheet is colorful and entertaining, so your first grader won't mind exercising his plural noun know-how!

Animal Action Verbs

This worksheet shows animals in action! Introduce your child to action verbs with this fun matching and coloring worksheet.

Pronoun Exercise

This cute worksheet is the perfect way to teach your child all about pronouns. He'll put his grammar knowledge to work as he completes a few simple activities.

Beginning Sounds Coloring: Sounds Like Turtle

Introduce your preschooler to phonics by practicing beginning letter sounds with this cute letter T coloring page.

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