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Sketch a Habitat: Lake

Help your first grader learn the life science of lakes with this pretty worksheet that encourages her to do some research on things that live near lakes.

Parts of the Human Body

This cute worksheet asks your first grader to write down each part of the human body--encouraging research on life science and boosting his spelling ability!

Coloring Fractions: Plants

Help kids understand fractions visually. As they color in the plants according to the fractions, they'll see that fractions are just parts of a whole.

Identifying the Fraction 1/2

Help your first grader get a handle on the fraction one-half with this printable math worksheet.

Fraction Frenzy: 1/4

Help your kid understand what one-fourth means with this introduction to fractions.

Coloring Shapes: Fractions

Help your child get a handle on fractions with this printable worksheet, which asks your child to color in the shapes according to fractions.

Coloring Fractions: Sweets

Sweeten up fraction practice with a little coloring page full of ice cream, cupcakes, and donuts. Kids learn fractions by coloring the sweets by the fractions.

Beginning Fractions: Halves & Fourths

Introduce your first grader to pizza halves and watermelon fourths--also known as fractions--with this simple worksheet.

Identifying the Fraction 1/4

Looking for a worksheet to help you child's math skills in fractions? This printable will give him practice identifying the fraction one-fourth.

Coloring Shapes: The Fraction 1/4

Looking for a worksheet to help you child's math skills in fractions? This printable will give him practice identifying the fraction 1/4.

Practice Test: Simple Shapes & Fractions

Help your first grader review what she's learned with this practice quiz all about simple shapes and beginning fractions.

Fraction Frenzy: 1/3

This fun fraction worksheet introduces kids to the fraction 1/3.

Fraction Coloring

Learning fractions doesn't have to be boring! Make it fun with this coloring worksheet.

Symmetry: Complete the Shape

Help your child understand the concept of symmetry with this 2nd grade math worksheet. He'll draw the other half of each shape to make each one symmetrical.

Practice Telling Time with Play Watches: 7 O'Clock

They might just look like cute playthings, but these printable pretend watches offer a hidden learning benefit: helping kids learn how to tell time.

First, Second, Third: A Baking Challenge

Help your child with his reasoning skills with this printable worksheet that asks him to develop a logical sequence for baking a cake.

Number Order Worksheet: Garden Path

This number order worksheet gives your child great counting and number recognition practice.

Practice Test: Easy Number Patterns

Help your first grader review past math concepts with this quiz that asks her to complete a series of number patterns.

Color the Pattern: Party Time!

Kids create picture patterns by coloring groups of items according to the patterns given in this 1st grade math worksheet.

Consecutive Numbers

These consecutive number puzzles will challenge your student to use critical thinking and problem solving skills.

Number Order

Encourage your kid to solve these number sequencing riddles by figuring out which number comes before and after.

Even Numbers: 30-90

In this 1st grade math worksheet, your child will practice writing even numbers and counting by 2 from 30 to 90 as she writes the missing numbers in the spaces.

Identifying Patterns: In the Jungle

Kids practice identifying and completing patterns in this 1st grade math worksheet. Which jungle animal comes next in each line?

Skip Counting: Count by Tens!

Help your child count the piles of candy and learn to skip count by 10's.

Coloring Patterns

Kids create their own patterns by coloring in the pictures in this creative 1st grade math worksheet.

Recognizing Patterns: Alphabet Fruit

Kids practice recognizing patterns in this 1st grade math worksheet. Which letter comes next in each row?

Identifying Patterns: Aquarium Fun!

Kids practice identifying and completing patterns in this 1st grade math worksheet. Which sea creature comes next in each line?

Practice Patterns: Bugs, Bugs, Bugs

Patterns are everywhere, from math to science to poetry. Here's a worksheet that will help your first grader get better at identifying and labeling patterns.

Library Addition: Adding Book Stacks

This fun first grade math worksheet uses stacks of library books to help kids practice single-digit vertical addition.

Counting Coins: Present Math III

Your kid will circle coins that add up to the price of each present in this fun math worksheet. Different combinations of coins can add up to the same amount.

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