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Kindergarten Sight Words: A to Are

Help your child become a more confident reader with these sight word flash cards that you can cut out and tape around the house. Includes words from a to are.

Count by Fives

Kids count by fives to 100 on this first grade math worksheet. Skip counting by fives is one way children can demonstrate the meaning of addition.

Counting Coin Practice

It's time to count the coins! Practice adding up coin values with your youngster.

Count How Many Coins There Are

Coin recognition and counting are important skills in kindergarten. Your kid will count and circle dimes, quarters, pennies and nickels with this fun worksheet.

Counting Nickels

Coin recognition and simple adding are important skills -- without them, how will your smart first grader know how much money he has?

Color and Count: Nickels and Pennies

Practice your cents sense counting pennies with this worksheet! Add up the coins to see how much change Chris and Yannick have!

Back of a Nickel

The backs of coins are as important as the front. Does your first grader know how to recognize a nickel from its back?

Count by 5's and Make it Through the Maze!

Your first grader will use her counting skills on this worksheet to count by 5's to find the right path and make it through the maze.

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