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5th g language arts

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How to Write Like C.S. Lewis

Aspiring authors, get inspired by C.S. Lewis and the authors who inspired his fantastical stories! Students can create a collage passage to strengthen writing.

Proofreading Practice #3

Help your beginning writer become an excellent essay-writer with this helpful proofreading practice sheet.

Proofreading Practice #2

Teach your beginning writer about proofreader's marks with this worksheet all about editing essay errors!

Rhythm Practice for Poetry

Your budding poet can practice his rhythm in this worksheet. He'll read two poems by Robert Louis Stevenson and determine their rhythm.

Rhythm and Rhyme in Poetry

Your young poet can review the important concepts of rhyme and rhythm by completing some practice exercises based on this poem.

Reading Response

Keep your budding reader organized with a reading response journal! Print out several of these response pages to create a homemade reading log.

Point of View

If your little one loves to read, teach her about the differences in narrative point of view with this worksheet.

Poetry Rhythm

Practicing poets can refine their sense of meter and rhythm with this worksheet about stressed and unstressed syllables.

Rhyme Scheme Practice

It's time to find some rhymes! Help your budding poet learn to identify rhyme schemes in poetry with this worksheet.

Diagramming Sentences: Poetry

Practice identifying parts of speech with some classic poetry! Invite your child to read and diagram this poem by Robert Louis Stevenson.

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