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Let's Go Shopping!: Toys

A coin-counting worksheet for preschoolers that focuses on learning numbers and simple addition and subtraction.

Color the Continents: Australia

Introduce your kindergartener to continents with a fun coloring page. Color the cute koala, kangaroo and shark that inhabit this continent.

Color the Continents: Asia

Give your kindergartener an introduction to the seven continents with fun coloring pages! Here's Asia, the most populated continent in the world.

Color the Continents: Europe

Teach your child the basics of world geography by showing him the seven continents. Color in the animals of Europe on this page, and add your own if you want.

Color the Continents: Africa

Let's learn the seven continents! Make it fun with a coloring page. Color the monkey, elephant and mountain.

Color the Continents: South America

It's never too early to learn names and shapes of the seven continents. Give this South America coloring page to your child and let him color in the animals.

Color the Continents: North America

A great way to introduce your child to continents is to start with North America. Color in the continent and the animals living on it.

The Liberty Bell

Get your child in the mood for U.S. History with this fun coloring sheet, which includes a fun fact about the Pennsylvania Liberty Bell!

The Statue of Liberty

Lady Liberty is a symbol of freedom and enlightenment for the world! Give her some color, and learn a fun fact about her with this coloring sheet.

Inside the White House

Although the White House is technically white, you can color it any way you like with this patriotic coloring sheet.

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