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Subtraction: Falling Apples

For each problem on this worksheet, kids subtract single-digit numbers to see how many apples are left after someone has had a tasty snack.

Subtract the Numbers with Santa

Santa needs help, and your child's subtraction skills can save the day!

Subtract the Numbers with Max

Help Max go fly a kite (up to the highest height) by completing these subtraction problems.

Simple Subtraction: Take Away 1, 2, and 3

Flex your child's math skills with this worksheet set, which focuses on subtracting 1, 2, and 3 from other numbers.

Subtraction Color By Number: Color the Fish!

Solve the equations and then color by number to reveal a colorful underwater friend! You'll get some great subtraction and coloring practice while you're at it.

Subtraction Coloring: Busy Bees

Lizzy the Bee needs help tracking down the right tulip! Help her by practicing simple subtraction equations.

Subtract the Numbers with John

John is playing cards, and he needs your help!

Practice One-Digit Subtraction 1

Ask your kindergartener to complete these one-digit subtraction facts, and they'll go above and beyond kindergarten standards in no time!

Practice Test: Facts to 10

Go over addition and subtraction facts up to 10 with your kindergartener with this nifty practice test.

Count and Subtract

Ready to introduce your child to subtraction, but you're not sure if he's ready? This worksheet is a simple and easy introduction.

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