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Road Trip Match

Have an adventure with this road trip match that encourages categorization practice.

Pattern Practice II

Looking for a worksheet that can help your child with his logic and reasoning skills? This printable will challenge him to find the pattern in a sequence.

Identifying Patterns

What comes next? Your kindergartener will have fun recognizing patterns—an important part of early math—with this colorful worksheet.

Pattern Practice IV

Give your child practice finding a simple sequence with this printable worksheet that will challenge his logic and math skills.

Easy Tangrams Puzzle #1

Help your child's imagination to grow with these tangram picture cards. He'll use the tangram shape pieces to re-create this picture!

Easy Tangrams Puzzle #3

Can your child re-create this picture? Tangram is a great way to build basic geometry skills, as well as hone your little one's sense of logic!

Easy Tangrams Puzzle #10

Here's a fun challenge for little learners to build math and reasoning skills. Your child will re-create this picture using the geometric tangram shapes.

Easy Tangrams Puzzle #4

Help your child's imagination to grow with these Tangram picture cards. He'll put his logic and reasoning skills to the test to re-create this picture!

Tangrams Printable

Here is a fun and easy way to introduce Tangrams to your little one. She'll get to experiment with shapes and patterns she's colored herself!

Easy Tangrams Puzzle #8

Little learners will love these tangram puzzles, perfect for learning shapes and building fine motor skills.

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